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Sex tour to Thailand, Hard anal fucking in hotel room
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Duration: 0h 31m

We gave it a thought and decided to spend our last "Thai" day in Bangkok. I heard a lot about this city and wanted to see everything with my own eyes. But since it was the last day, I felt sad and didn't have as much fun as I usually do. You'll be surprised, but we ended up spending almost all day in our little hotel room fucking. Only good hotel room sex could cheer me up, so Slava did his best. He tried to make me laugh and fucked my brains out

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Sex tour to Thailand, Beach porno with fuck in the water
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Duration: 0h 48m

We've been to many beaches in Thailand, but this one was probably the most weird! No matter how long you walk in the water, it just doesn't get deeper! Only about a hundred meters away from the shore we were able to swim. There was a good point about it though. People on the shore were far away, so we could fuck right in the water! I've never tried that before. So I'm glad we did that for our porn travel video. Unfortunately, we had to stop, cause curious tourists kept staring at us!

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Sex tour to Thailand, Hot amateur holiday fuck footage
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Duration: 0h 43m

Fucking outdoors is really uncomfortable, you should know that. But on the other hand, it's extremely exciting! Choosing between comfort and excitement, we picked the latter. Everytime we visit some unusual place in Thailand, we try to shoot a vacation sex scene there. It's not that easy! Today we went to the pier to look at the boats, then found an appropriate place for our holiday porn video. A big rock hidden behind big exotic trees. Perfect spot for a cool sex tape

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Sex tour to Thailand, Beautiful deserted beach sex video
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Duration: 0h 55m

Beaches in Thailand are beautiful and not too crowded. But there still are other tourists watching us, so it's impossible to shoot sex on the beach by the hotel. Thankfully, there are deserted islands where you can get on a boat called "kayak". Anya and I took the risk for the sake of nude beach porn :) Those boats are tiny, and islands are far away, so it's pretty scary when you row there, especially when you have to hold the camera and make sure it doesn't fall in the sea

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Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 1 - Party of sex and thrill seekers
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 51m

This is the first day of our great adventure! Still can't believe we managed to talk our friends into this whole sex traveling thing. When I say we, I mean me and my sexy girlfriend. We've been together for a while now. She's gorgeous and such a good fuck, you have no idea! Though we're absolutely crazy about each other, we can't be happy leading a normal life like everybody else does. We're thrill seekers who love sex too much to let it turn into routine. So we called up our close…

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Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 7 - Hardest anal for dessert
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 4h 04m

The last traveling day... Ain't it sad? Not really :) It's not the last day on Earth after all, so why don't we just stop grieving and go party, right? We all agreed on that and went downtown to just fuck around! Nice way to say goodbye to Kemer, a great city where we all let our guards down and brought to life filthiest fantasies! Sarah showed us the notorious orange garden, and I gave my bf a blow job right there in front of everyone! That felt like the most normal thing to do.Anyway, who…

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Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 2 - Cheating on girlfriends in Turkey
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Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 55m

The next day started perfectly. As soon as we got up we all hurried to the beach. Swimming, sunbathing, that's what vacation is all about! Our girls put on tiny sexy bikini suits, showing off their stunning bodies! Round buttocks, nice boobs, long skinny legs... Oh those lovely curves! :) You know what I mean. Watching hot ladies get all wet in the sea is overwhelming for young studs! I got horny pretty soon and was about to have a hot morning sex with my girl, when she said she wanted to go shopping and…

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Travel sex stories from New York: Day 2 - Excursions and sex in the airport
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Duration: 1h 01m

Before going on an excursion, we couldn't help having wild sex in our hotel room. My babe wanted anal, and I'm always happy to please her :) Besides, her delicious butt is so tight and seductive... We both were on cloud nine! Then it was time for our excursion. We admired New York from the top of the Empire State Building. The view was breathtakingly beautiful, we were on the 80th floor! No words can describe it, you just have to see it!

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Sexy girl Cleopatra RiosCleopatra Rios
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Sexy girl Inez SteffanInez Steffan
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Sexy girl Nessa DevilNessa Devil
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Sexy girl LexxisLexxis
Rating: 3.8 of 5 (8 votes)
Sexy girl ZuzkaZuzka
Rating: 4.4 of 5 (10 votes)
Sexy girl Leony AprilLeony April
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Sexy girl Aspen RichardsenAspen Richardsen
Rating: 4.6 of 5 (157 votes)
Sexy girl JocelynJocelyn
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