Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 5 - Outdoor sex trip for a change

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 3 897 39 min
Yesterday night was awesome! I think I tried bdsm for the first time in my life... It's ok though, cause that person was my boyfriend and he likes being tied up :) Sometimes he bounds me, too. Role games, heard of those? Kinky, kinky, kinky :) I knew he'd pay me back in the morning. Our sex life is a never-ending chain of revenge actions :D So today that bastard did the most irritating thing.. He waited until I got all dressed up and ready to go.. and started seducing me, and undressing me, and making me such a big mess! He knows I both hate and can't help it :)Sarah didn't waste her time either. At times I envy her, but in a good, not evil kind of way :) You just can't react other way but be a little jealous, cause she's blonde, sexy, dates such a hot muscular mulatto guy, and they give each other a green light each time they wanna fuck someone else!