Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 3 - Public exposure downtown

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 10 317 31 min
Hi everyone! I'm Vika, if you watched the videos from first two days of our crazy vacation, you should know who I am. I guess it's my turn to give you a short review of what we filmed in Turkey. On the third day of our trip we went downtown, not having any exact plans... Just wanted to stroll around the city and have fun. I think we shocked a few Turkish guys, cause I'm sure they ain't used to such behavior :) Katya and I teased our boys, letting them film up our skirts and everything.. Hope we didn't break some law by doing this :) Dunno how they punish public exposure in Turkey!Girls showing off their curves right in the street, you don't see this often in such prudish-minded countries. Oh, and when we started making out, that was real hot! Turkish guys stared at us in shock and amusement.. I'd tease them more, but Katya's boyfriend got jealous so we had to stop the show... for a while :)