Hot couple adventures: Day 7 - Anal sex in the park

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 7 189 43 min
Polina's here with you again :) Today I had a talk with Rita, who tried anal sex with Eric the other night. She got me so intrigued, I was desperate to try it too! She liked it a lot, so I was sure I'd like it too. I told Ilya about my desire, and he was eager to do it too. We couldn't wait any longer, so we found a quiet place in the beautiful park to make our fantasies come true. We started with oral sex, then finally tried anal. I asked Ilya to be gentle with me, as it was my first time. Well, at first it hurt a bit, but it was a sweet pain, and I got really turned on. He fucked me harder, and I loved it more and more. I even regret it that we hadn't tried anal sex earlier. Anyway, better late than never :) Now I'll be looking forward to doing it again. And again :)