Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 7 - Hardest anal for dessert

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 5 012 44 min
The last traveling day... Ain't it sad? Not really :) It's not the last day on Earth after all, so why don't we just stop grieving and go party, right? We all agreed on that and went downtown to just fuck around! Nice way to say goodbye to Kemer, a great city where we all let our guards down and brought to life filthiest fantasies! Sarah showed us the notorious orange garden, and I gave my bf a blow job right there in front of everyone! That felt like the most normal thing to do.Anyway, who decides what normal is? Some say being faithful and having zero sex after few years of marriage is normal. We think being normal means having fun whenever and wherever you can, experimenting with your sex life, doing anything but growing boring. Don't you agree?