Sunny Thailand sex trip: Day 6 - Tourists peep naked chick

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 3 596 46 min
Today the whole party went to the zoo. I never knew Rita was so scared of elephants! I mean, it's ok for a girl to dislike spiders or snakes or worms.. But come on, elephants!? They are gorgeous.. Anyway, Rita hated them (maybe those huge trunks scared her? :D) So we left the zoo and went to one of our favorite beaches in Thailand, where a queen of my heart showed me yet again how gorgeous she was without clothes. She stripped by the waterfall, in a beautiful secluded place.. Well, we thought it was secluded.. But then we saw a group of tourists passing by! Holy cow! They all were staring at my girlfriend and even taking pictures.. At first, that pissed her off, but then she relaxed and even waved to those guys! Oh my god, she is the best!