Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 4 - Sex vacation in full swing

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 7 545 26 min
Sunny weather, fascinating foreign country, gorgeous girls around me... I love my life :) Our sex vacation continues.. That day we made up our minds to visit a local night club. Hadn't yet decided which one, but that definitely wouldn't be some cheap place where you could go wearing jeans and a T-shirt. So girls woke up early and went shopping, taking me along. And I brought along the camera :D Hot chicks trying on sexy clothes in changing rooms, you can't miss that, can you? :) Great start of a great day!We drove to the club on a special bus. Everybody got so wild! We had a whole night ahead, just enough time to fulfill some of our nasty desires. My girlfriend couldn't wait and took my cock out of my pants yet in the freaking bus!