Crazy vacation in Turkey: Day 2 - Cheating on girlfriends in Turkey

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 25 337 39 min
The next day started perfectly. As soon as we got up we all hurried to the beach. Swimming, sunbathing, that's what vacation is all about! Our girls put on tiny sexy bikini suits, showing off their stunning bodies! Round buttocks, nice boobs, long skinny legs... Oh those lovely curves! :) You know what I mean. Watching hot ladies get all wet in the sea is overwhelming for young studs! I got horny pretty soon and was about to have a hot morning sex with my girl, when she said she wanted to go shopping and left me alone in the room! She can be such a bitch..So the girls went shopping, leaving three horny guys behind. Awesome. I was about to break down actually when heard that salutary knock at the door. Expecting room service or something like that I turned the knob... And saw Vika in all her beauty and glory!