Sunny Thailand sex trip: Day 3 - Lesbian play and seashore fuck

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This morning Rita woke up before me, which is quite unusual. I thought she wouldn't talk to me after what happened yesterday, but when I opened my eyes, I saw her smiling face and was a little shocked. She said she would cook breakfast for me and went to the kitchen leaving me lying speechless on the bed. But after I took a shower and followed her to the kitchen, I realized why she was all so polite and charming... There she was, in the kitchen, naked.. Fingering Polina's pussy. That scene turned me on and made me angry at the same time.. But then I thought Rita had a right to pay me back like that. So I didn't say anything about the cheating part, let her suck my cock for a while.. And we finally made up :) Couples shouldn't fight about such stupid things, especially when those are part of their work.