Sunny Thailand sex trip: Day 5 - Cheater gets mouthful of cock

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 3 724 41 min
If you ask different people about vacation of their dream, you will get so many different answers. Some enjoy sightseeing, some prefer wild beach parties and sleepless nights in local bars, some like to just rest watching movies and other boring stuff. To me a week in Thailand is a chance to forget about work, troubles, everything. It's just me and my girlfriend, and we'll spend this week fucking like rabbits! Either for this site or with cameras switched off, all we gonna do is fuck! So we apologize for not giving you a tour about Thailand, but you can see us fucking in marvelous exotic places, don't you think it's even better? I know you don't give a fuck about historic spots. But you'll definitely enjoy watching my girlfriend spread her legs for me