Sunny Thailand sex trip: Day 1 - Thailand, here we cum

Porn Traveling 6 years ago 116 896 38 min
So this time we are heading for Thailand, guys! You already know me, my names Eric, I decided to shoot these porn trip videos with my adorable girlfriend Rita. We're dating in real life, so I was kinda worried about this new porn traveling season. When we were making our last sex video for another web site we had a fight and almost broke up. It's hard to have genuine relationships being in this business. Anyway, we went for this risk and brought along our friends to share a house with them. It was a long and tiresome flight, but we finally got to the beautiful seashore we had been dreaming about this whole time. Rita put on her tiny bikini, and we went to the beach, where she showed off her flawless body to other tourists. I didn't mind :)