Sunny Thailand sex trip: Day 2 - Take revenge with rough anal

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Rita is such a sleepy-head, she never wakes up before me. If I didn't wake her up, she would miss a sunshine away. But on the other hand it's kind of cute, cause that gives me a chance to film her while she is sleeping, when she looks most lovely and innocent. And still seductive, cause she sleeps topless :) When I managed to wake her up, I made her do morning exercises in the yard, wearing only panties! To be honest, she wasn't happy about the idea, but I promised that if we shot that on video I'd take her to some fine place on the island where we could fuck. We both fulfilled our parts of a deal. I made a video of Rita exercising in the yard, and she was very happy about the place which I found for our sex session. She took her clothes off and rubbed her pussy for me a little bit, then I entered that tight slit of hers..